2018 Speaker Bios

(information added as received by speakers)

Mark L. Armstrong, PLS, WRE

Mark is a Geodesist with NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey and has been the Oregon State Geodetic Advisor from September 2009 to September 2016.  As of October 1st, 2016, Mark transitioned to the Northwest Region Geodetic Advisor covering OR, WA, and ID.  In this position Mark provides technical advice to academia, Federal, State, local agencies and the private sector involved in mark recovery, GNSS, geodesy, gravity, and height modernization, as it relates to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).  Mark also works to build partnerships throughout the region to enhance the geodetic infrastructure.  Mark also provides OPUS Projects for Managers training.  For more information contact mark at:

Mark L. Armstrong, PLS - Geodesist
NGS Northwest Region Geodetic Advisor
BLM Eugene District Office

Mike Berry

Mike is a 1977 graduate of the Forest Technology program at Central Oregon Community College.  His 40 year surveying career includes state, federal, county and private sector work. He currently serves as the Deschutes County Surveyor and is a board member of the Deschutes County Historical Society. In the course of researching various survey projects throughout Deschutes County he often finds himself drawn deeper into the backstory of the men and women who walked these same lands generations ago. Mike and his wife Maureen have a daughter, Allison, who is a sophomore at Portland State University.

Alan Brickley

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Gerry Clark 

Gerry Clark has worked for the Water Resources Department for 20 years. For the past 15 years he has worked in the Certificate Section processing Claim of Beneficial Use, providing training to Certified Water Right Examiners (CWRE) and to individuals interested in becoming CWREs, and proctoring the annual CWRE Exam. Before working in the Certificate Section he worked on the Klamath Adjudication and on water right applications. Prior to working for the Department he worked on a survey crew for 5 years. He has a degree in Elementary Education from Western Oregon State College.

Doug Devine

In 1984 Doug founded Pacific Survey Supply as a privately owned and operated supplier of high end surveying and engineering equipment. Over the past 33 years his Company has developed into an industry leader, pioneering in sales of unique engineering and surveying equipment, systems implementation, and international sales of engineering and surveying systems. Doug has historically been instrumental working with manufacturers pioneering and developing new surveying products and techniques.

Mitch Duryea

Mitch Duryea, PLS is the President of Duryea & Associates P.S. Located in Spokane, the firm specializes in professional surveying and mapping in ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys throughout the western United States. Duryea received his Bachelor of Science in Surveying and Photogrammetry from California State University, Fresno and a Masters of Science in Higher Education from Kaplan University. For five years he was an Assistant Professor in the Geomatics program with a focus on boundary law courses at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls. In addition to his private practice, Duryea has taught land surveying classes as an Adjuct Instructor at City College of San Francisco, Evergreen Valley College in San Jose and Gonzaga University in Spokane and many other organizations throughout Washington, Oregon and California.

Ted Engle

Ted Engle is a graduate of Benson Technical High School in Portland where he majored in machine shop technology. This led him to Portland Precision Instruments (PPI) in 1972 where he was employed to service machinist tools and was later moved into servicing the surveying instruments.

He has many years of experience on repairing all types of equipment from the old style open frame antique models to the most precise equipment in use today including survey grade GPS and robotic instruments.

Ted has participated in numerous factory training programs to keep up with the advances in technology and instrumentation used by modern surveyors and construction companies. He has advanced through the ranks at PPI to his current position as service department manager. Ted has been with the PPI Group for forty-five years.

In his spare time, he enjoys restoring his vintage Volvo sports car and cross country touring on his motorcycle.

Scott Fein, PLS, CWRE, CFEDS

Scott currently serves as Jackson County Surveyor in Medford, Oregon. He has a diverse background of private and public sector experience having surveyed throughout Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico. Committed to exceptional public service, Scott is extremely well versed in the legal and technical aspects of the Surveying profession while taking a practical approach to providing solutions to both the private and public sectors. Practicing the profession founded on the importance of conveying information; through his extensive interaction with individuals inside and outside of the Surveying profession he has developed a unique style of communication on highly technical matters which are rarely conveyed well. Scott has been involved with the Surveying and Mapping professions for 16 years and is licensed as a Surveyor in Oregon and Idaho along with being a Certified Water Rights Examiner and Certified Federal Surveyor.

Bill Ham

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David Hills

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Dave Imus

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Shawn Kampmann

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Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz is co-founder of Aerotas. Aerotas enables surveyors to incorporate drones into their operations as a complete solution with hands-on training, drone license test prep, insurance, data processing, and drone equipment to produce 0.1’ accuracy. Prior to Aerotas, Daniel worked in innovation strategy consulting, helping businesses from the Fortune 50 to start-ups develop and incorporate new ideas into their operations. Daniel has spoken at several conferences, including the 2017 conferences of the California Land Survey Association and Arizona Professional Land Surveyors, and is a regular contributor to magazines including Point of Beginning and multiple state land survey association magazines. 

Gary Kent

Gary Kent is in his 34th year with The Schneider Corporation, a surveying, GIS and consulting engineering firm based in Indianapolis, and with offices in North Carolina, Florida, Texas and Iowa. He has been chair of both the NSPS committee and the ALTA committee on the ALTA/ACSM (now NSPS) Standards since 1995.  Gary is a past-president of both ACSM and ISPLS, and from 1999-2006 taught boundary law, legal descriptions, property surveying and land survey systems for Purdue University in Indianapolis.  He is in his thirteenth year on the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Surveyors and is frequently called as an expert witness in cases involving boundaries, easements and land surveying practice. Gary regularly presents programs all across the country on surveying topics, and he writes columns for The American Surveyor magazine and contributes to NSPS News and Views.

Tim Kent

Tim is currently the Surveying Program Coordinator and instructor for the Surveying & Geomatics Program at Clark College in Vancouver, where he resides. He teaches at Clark College full-time and coordinates the recruitment aspects along with other duties.

Tim is also a consultant to a number of private surveying companies where his expertise in rural surveying is required. He is an expert in the Public Land Survey System and has advised many clients concerning the complexities of this system.

Tim retired from the BLM Oregon State Office in September of 2005 after 37 years as a land surveyor with the federal government.  He graduated from Oregon Tech with a Bachelors Degree in surveying in 1971 and joined the BLM in their Portland office.  Subsequent assignments were in Eugene, Anchorage, Denver, and back to Portland in 1984.  In 1990, he joined the Forest Service in Portland as the regional land surveyor for Oregon and Washington. He returned to the BLM in 2002 to finish his federal career.

From 2005 to 2008, Tim was an Assistant Professor of Geomatics at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls in a position funded by the BLM. He was responsible for teaching surveying courses part time and recruiting part time with an emphasis on Native American recruitment.

Tim is a licensed land surveyor in several western states and is an active member in National Society of Professional Surveyors, and both the OR and WA state surveying societies.  

He has coordinated and instructed at numerous conferences and training sessions throughout his career, with emphasis on involving the private land surveyor in the federal surveying process.  His area of expertise is in the Public Land Survey System with a special interest in historic surveying aspects.

Kris Kline

Kristopher M. Kline became licensed in 1991 (P.L.S. L - 3374) and a 1999 graduate of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors (N.C.S.S.) Institute, a three-year continuing education program that has drawn national attention for the quality of its curriculum and instructors. Kris served for a year as the Chairman of the Standards of Practice Committee for N.C.S.S., followed by 3 years as Chairman of the N.C.S.S. Education Committee. He has appeared as an expert witness in court on numerous occasions, and has spent the last several years expanding his expertise on legal aspects of boundary retracement.

Kris is an experienced boundary consultant and has been teaching classes in North carolina since 2001 on subjects including Boundary Retracement, Intent of the Parties, Riparian (water) Boundaries, and Adverse Possession. He has recently been invited to teach in numerous states across the country and and writes a bi-monthly column for "Point of Beginning", a professional trade journal for Surveyors.

Rebecca Kueny

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Laura Ledbetter 

Laura Ledbetter is a broker with Hall & Company, specializing in theplacement of Insurance for Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers.  As a Certified Insurance Counselor, she has been working in the industry since 2007 and holds a dual-Bachelor’s degree.

Laura’s clients will tell you that she is joyous and diligent in assisting them with their questions and needs.  As a driven individual she continuously makes herself available to both her clients and family.  When she is not at work, she is usually at a baseball or football field, camera in-hand, enjoying time with her kids.

Leo Litowich

Leo Litowich is a Land Surveying Intern (a.k.a. LSIT) with Multi/Tech Engineering, a land development firm in Salem, and a graduate of OIT’s surveying program in April of 2016.  Prior to graduation, he spent summers with the Wenatchee National Forest and the Federal Highways Administration, Western Lands Division.  Leo is an officer in the Navy Reserves and, during a one-year absence from OIT, was stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan where his office coordinated in-country visits by such VIPs as the Secretary of Defense, the British Prime Minister, and the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.

Mason Marker

Mason Marker, PLS, CFedS, CWRE is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geomatics at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  He instructs GPS, GIS, and construction surveying courses.  Prior to teaching at Oregon Tech, Mr. Marker worked eight years for a private consulting company that provided land development and civil engineering services. 

Jihye Park

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Chris Parrish

Christopher Parrish is an Associate Professor of Geomatics in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University. His research focuses on full-waveform lidar, topographic-bathymetric lidar, hyperspectral imagery, uncertainty modeling, and UAVs. Chris holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in Geospatial Information Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.S. in Civil and Coastal Engineering with an emphasis in Geomatics from the University of Florida. Chris is the Director of OregonView, a statewide consortium under AmericaView, dedicated to applied remote sensing research, STEM education, workforce development, and technology transfer. Prior to joining OSU, Chris served as lead physical scientist in the Remote Sensing Division of NOAA's National Geodetic Survey. He also holds an affiliate faculty position in the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping - Joint Hydrographic Center (CCOM-JHC) at the University of New Hampshire. He is active in the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and has previously served as Director of the ASPRS Lidar Division and President of ASPRS Potomac Region. For additional information on current projects, please visit Chris’ research group website:http://research.engr.oregonstate.edu/parrish/

Tom Pixton

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Bryan Portwood

Brian Portwood is a professional land surveyor and historian of land rights law, providing advisory, consulting and educational services to the land rights community at no charge, fostering efforts to fully understand and properly resolve all land rights issues that involve a locational component, through interdisciplinary professional collaboration. He was born and raised near Chicago Illinois, graduated from Lamson Business College in Scottsdale Arizona in 1983, and began his ongoing career in the land surveying industry at that time. Over the ensuing 22 years he worked in the private sector in many different states from coast to coast, on land development projects of virtually every kind. Since 2005, he has been employed in the public sector as a professional land surveyor by the Bonneville Power Administration, which is a branch of the US Department of Energy, and has been engaged in federal land rights acquisitions. He has authored numerous materials supporting the continuing education of professional land surveyors, including quarterly articles on federal land rights topics, which are published by the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors, updating his professional colleagues on developments in federal case law pertaining to title and boundary issues. All such materials which are available in pdf form, free to anyone upon request, contact him at bportwood@mindspring.com. 

Althea Rizzo

Althea Rizzo has been the Geologic Hazards Program Coordinator for the State of Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management since 2008. She has successfully implemented innovative public outreach programs for natural hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Dr. Rizzo is a frequent instructor and lecturer on hazard mitigation, risk reduction and outreach program design and implementation. Her happy place is giving people the knowledge to make informed decisions about natural hazards.

Leonard Rydell

Leonard Rydell is a second generation Oregonian who grew up in Grand Ronde, Oregon, attended grade and high schools in Willamina, and graduated with a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University in 1968. After three years as an Engineering Duty Officer in the US Navy, he began his engineering and surveying career in 1972 with Engineering Associates in Lincoln City until starting his own home based business in December 1975. He is registered as a Professional Engineer in Oregon and Washington, and as a Professional Land Surveyor and Water Rights Examiner in Oregon.

Major projects and clients include Charbonneau, The Village at Wilsonville, water rights for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Nantucket Shores in Tillamook County and numerous subdivisions, mobile home parks and planned unit developments throughout Oregon. His employee is still working for him after 40 years. Leonard has been a member of the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon since 1978 and was Willamette Chapter President in 1986 and Chairman of the Board in 1988.  He is currently President of the Yamhill Watershed Stewardship Fund, Secretary of the Yamhill Chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and a current member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and their Environmental Water Resources group.

Christine Shirley

Christine Shirley is the natural hazards specialist and National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator for the State of Oregon, a position she has held since 2007. As the NFIP Coordinator, she assists communities with NFIP compliance, risk communication, and flood insurance information. Christine is a Certified Floodplain Manager and earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from World College West, and a master’s degree in geographical information science from the University of London. 

Lee Spurgeon 

Lee Spurgeon is the owner of Township Surveys in Oregon City who specializes in all those jobs sane people try to avoid. Mr. Spurgeon is the world's foremost authority on chicken easements and has written many articles for the Oregon Surveyor and other publications. Some of these articles actually contain some useful information. When not surveying, Mr. Spurgeon coaches a junior high school girls volleyball team, enjoys steam punking, hiking, scrap booking and playing guitars. Lee also did some stuff with the PLSO.

Note from PLSO: Spurgeon is a Past Chairman of the PLSO Board of Directors (two-time Chairman) and current Education Goals in Action Committee Chairman.

Kelly Starnes 

Kelly Starnes has worked for the Water Resources Department for 25 years.  Since 1995, he was been working with water right transfers; first, as a transfer caseworker and more recently as transfer program analyst.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Southern Oregon State College.  Prior to working for the Department, he worked for the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries in Grants Pass, Oregon, he then worked in precious metal deposit exploration in Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada, and lastly, for the Siskiyou National Forest in Grants Pass.

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