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17 Mar 2021 8:31 AM | PLSO Office (Administrator)

The Board is asking members to review the Steering Committee’s proposed PLSO Vision Statement before adoption. The purpose of this review is to inform those members that have been left out of the process due to the Pandemic and refine it grammatically. Once the results are collected, it will be sent to the Board of Directors for final review before the next Board meeting. Please take a moment to respond to a short survey that will be emailed out to each member. For those that need a refresher or have been left out of the process, here is a summary of the process with links:

PLSO’s Strategic Plan was adopted in 2019 with goals to:

1) Increase Membership

2) Promote the Profession

3) Improve Leadership.

The “Plan” is based on general topics that allow for flexibility over a three year review period. During the review, it became increasingly apparent that the goals need a unifying direction toward a vision.

A Steering Committee was formed in January 2020 to develop a Vision Statement and to report to the Board its recommendations. The Board reviewed two proposals during the October 2020 meeting, which was sent to the Chapters for discussion. At the December meeting, the Board chose the best statement version, then sent it back to the Steering Committee with a few minor edits. The changes were made and brought back to the January 2021 Board meeting.

The Vision Statement is based on our Mission Statement and gives direction to the Strategic Plan. The direction is based on the general idea of a good Surveyor (Increase membership with good Surveyors), excellence in our profession (Promote the Profession through excellence), and our duty to society and our organization (Improve Leadership through education).

If you have questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact me.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeremy A. Sherer

Professional Practices Committee Chair

State Chair Elect/Past Chair

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